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Self Solutions Contracting is one of the national institutions specialized in the field of communications

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the company

Established in 2013 under the name of the Self-Communication Corporation. The Corporation has been interested in you, as is the case with the market, in the sale and marketing of PBX and surveillance cameras.

The corporation’s activity has gradually shifted and started to take care of projects at the level of the private and government sectors, and added solutions for security systems, surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, and wired and wireless computer networks The name of the company was updated to Self-Solutions Contracting.

and Value

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, providing our services with high quality,
providing an attractive environment for employees, maintaining leadership through
sustainability, developing work, and manufacturing products or spare parts in partnership
with experienced global factories.

Enabling Vision 2030 by implementing small and medium government projects with Saudi cards, supporting youth, developing unconventional monitoring programs, expanding the circle of competition, owning a factory to manufacture security system products and providing spare parts to meet the desires of customers’ needs.

As an organization and as individuals we value above all else honesty, integrity, unselfishness, professionalism and mutual respect.

we believe that you should get what you paid for and nothing less

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