medical equipments

medical tool may be article, or device or instrument used in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of ailments or diseases, or to detect, or measure or restore or correct or modify the structure or function of the body for some health purposes. usually The purpose of the medical instrument is not achieved by pharmacological means, or immunoglobulins or metabolic.

The Biomedical and Health Tools Program in the Eastern Mediterranean Region was established in 2009 to deal with all issues related to health technology assessment and management, Especially medical instruments. The program aims to support countries at all stages of the health technology life cycle, including evaluation, and prioritizing needs, procurement and donation management, installation and training, maintenance and disposal of tools.

Sustainable access to essential medical tools and health technologies remains a major challenge in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Failure to consider appropriate selection of biomedical technology, maintenance budget, They are serious matters. The NRAs are still, With a few notable exceptions, Fragmented, inadequate and ineffective private sector regulation.

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